Movie review: Shanghai Knights

Alicia Edquist, Advertising Manager/Lab Aide

Shanghai Knights is definitely one of Jackie Chan’s better movies, though it took a while to progress and start to get a move on.

Chan and Owen Wilson teamed up again to bring the audience a rip roarin’ good time. The movie is a sequal from the orginal Shanghai Noon that Chan and Wilson were also in.

Chon Wang (Chan) and Roy O’Bannon (Wilson) are off on a wild ride through London to find Wang’s estranged father’s murderer who stole the royal chinese seal.

Also Wang’s sister Lin (Fann Wong), also comes to London to find the man that murdered her father and find the seal.

In the mix of it all, Lin discovers that there is a plot to kill the royal family, but no one will believe her. To help them in all this confusion about the finding the royal seal and the murderer, the three have two somewhat trusty sidekicks.

Scotland Yard Inspector and a 10 year-old street urchin who is out to steal and give O’Bannon a run for his money or what is left of it.

It is not a Jackie Chan movie if there is no fighting and stunts involved of course. The movie is an awesome display of physical agility of all the characters.

I was amazed and wondered how many times Chan got hurt during the movie. The stunts were incredible and he did every single one of them.

Overall the whole plot of the movie was good, though it seemed to take a little longer getting to the action which I think the audience was waiting for.

There are some paraodies in this movie that most people might not catch the first time. Like when Chan is in London and gets into a street fight.

Listen for the little rediation of singin’ in the rain during the umbrella stunt or the key words they use for humor such as the inspector who has a huge passion to write a book on solving crimes.

I reccommend this movie to anyone. The best part is you don’t have to see the first movie to figure out what the heck is going on in the second. I think that is the one thing that makes this movie such a success besides the celebrities that are in it.

Oh and one more thing; if you are not into staying for the credits because they tend to be boring and pointless, stay! It is like a mini movie at the end with all the mistakes and outakes.

There is no doubt everyone will enjoy them.