Art Gallery displays range of works

Art Gallery displays range of works

Alicia Edquist, Advertising Manager/Lab Aide

The emotions of the human body is only one of many different types of photographs that can be seen at the Student/Faculty photography exhibition.

The exhibition is full of pieces ranging from contempoary to abstract photography.

The photography exhibit has both digital and standard camera work.

The pieces are gathered from introduction, intermeadiate, directed studies, introduction to digital and intermeadiate digital photography.

Along with the students work, some of the faculty members put some of their pieces up for display.

Christine Fernandez, featured three of a series pieces called Lavandera, the photographs are in color.

The gallery photographs that are displayed has an overall theme to it. The peices bring humans emotion, society issues, nature all into one.

Isabel Ramirez is a directed studies student in the photography program. The prints are a silver gelatin print.

She displayed several pieces, but one entitled “She loves me, she loves me not,” is a beautiful display of a man picking a flower. The piece gives the viewer the feeling of how he is contemplating the question.

There is also a range of how each photographer printed his/her film.

Overall, the gallery is made up of silver gelatin prints, but there are color prints and Cyanotype print, which is a type of non-silver photography. Also ink jet prints from the digital photography classes.

The exhibit will be open until Thursday. The gallery is located in the Arts and Crafts building in room AC50 near the staff parking lot C-9.

The gallery hours are Tuesday-Thursday from 11-4p.m. and 6-9p.m.

The gallery will definitly give the viewer a new insight to nature, human emotions and today’s issues in society.