Grindel’s message to the students about the war

President John Grindel

As everyone is aware, war with Iraq is imminent.  With this impending war we hear in the media about the possibility of terrorist attacks.  I want to assure you that the campus is as safe as we can make it.  Campus Police are in regular contact with county and local law enforcement agencies and receive the latest intelligence updates.  The campus community will be advised immediately of any impending threat and all necessary steps will be taken to protect staff and students.  In the meantime, we will proceed in a normal fashion with our regular class schedule and other scheduled events.  Keep your eyes open and be observant.  If you notice anything strange or out of the ordinary on campus, do not hesitate to report it to Campus Police.  Campus Police can be reached by dialing 911 from any campus phone or pressing the emergency button on any of the pay phones around campus.

As war breaks out I would also ask that everyone show tolerance and respect for all on campus.  We are a large community of many different nationalities, ethnicities and religions and there exist among us many different perspectives and opinions on this war.  As an institution of higher learning we certainly respect freedom of speech, but let us express those views with civility and respect.

Finally, let us each in our own way, pray for peace and the men and women in our armed forces, some of whom come from our own campus community.  May they return home safely.