Meet James Towns!

Meet James Towns!

James TownsPresidential Election Questionnaire

>1. Tell me why are you running? I have been asked that by everyone I know. Why are you running, and it’s simple. Helping others is my motivation. It gives me joy to bring joy into someone’s heart; to help someone it feels like it’s my calling. I know I can make a difference and contribute to the strong foundation already started for the students of Cerritos College.

>2. What makes you qualifies you to be a president of the ASCC? First and for most I qualify because I am the current President. I already know what its like and what it will take to accomplish each task. I have also been involved with student government for a total of two years now, from commissioner to President. I know the procedures, and policies and that in which I don’t know I know where to find the answers. It usually takes a president a whole semester to get use to the position I am already a head which means I have a full year to focus on what to do rather that how to do something or wonder if I can do something.

>3. What changes would you make, if elected? Everybody will want to promise to make changes, however, in this time were our budget is uncertain, and our resources are few we must work on maintaining what we have and preserving it. I hope to help out the areas and programs that I can to help ensure student success, however, anything else would be a false statement because right now it just can’t be done.

>4. What motivates you in life? Helping others and my family, That’s what brings me joy and that’s what motivates me to keep pushing for success, not only for myself but also for those around me. It doesn’t take much I love the little things that we tin to take for granted in our fast paced lives.

>5. Who is your inspiration? And why? My Aunt and Grandmother, they have stuck by my side even when they did not agree with my decisions. They are the ones who instilled within me the high respect for women. I have today. My aunt the enforcer and my grandmother my conscience, yet both the real reason I strive for the best, and both who I consider the rhythm section of my heart, my reasons for breathing so to speak. >6. What would you say is your flaw(s)? My flaws as far as towards the position as ASCC President, simple. I have feelings and I care too much. There are so many things that I want to get done, so many students, clubs, and programs that I want and would love to help however, I can help everyone no matter how much I want to. No matter how hard I try because there are so many things that are just out of my control.

>7. As you might be aware of the last ASCC president quit after serving half of the year term, how would you make sure it wouldn’t happen to you?It all comes down to organizing and prioritizing. I have been involved in Student government and I have never given up on helping the students.

>8. How would you improve ‘school sprit’? School spirit is something that comes from within each individual person. All I can do is really help to motivate it. Bring out our athletes, have student rallies, introduce the ASCC government as a whole.

>9. If you don’t get elected, would you still participate in students’ affairs? (i.e. attend the ASCC meeting) > Yes

>10. What makes you different from the other candidate?ÿ I am sincere about helping students an am not doing it just for the title. Some people have personal agendas however, I am here for the benefit of the students here now and the ones who will be coming in the future. ÿ >11. What are your key elements ‘to-fix up’ Cerritos College? > The lighting on the campus grounds, and to follow through with the continuing implementation of the safety phones around campus. Cerritos is currently undergoing a make over with the Liberal Arts and the Social Science building and then there are other things to follow and if the General Obligation bond passes then there will be a lot of implemented changes

>12. What is your platform? To maintain and when possible help to improve student support systems such as the library, the ASC formerly known as the LRC. To work with areas such as Counseling and Financial Aide to better assist students. To introduce self-help to students so that they don’t have to put all their hope’s on someone to help them achieve their dream.

>13. What are your thoughts of the new budget cuts and the proposed of the tuition price?Before anything else I am a student, however, there are something’s that are out of control, the budget is one of them. As far as tuition raise, we as students can do is make our voices heard and hope that the state does not choose to ignore our request.

>14. What do you want students to know about you? Such as hobbies, life’s goals.

I am a hard worker, I put all I have and then some in everything that I do. I was a pretty good athlete but had some very bad injuries, though I still play in my free time I probably will never play competitively again. I love to write and I enjoy helping people. However, most importantly I am not hard to approach, I am a student just like everyone else, I just have a strong desire to help people.