Presidents new message

John Grindel

President’s Message

May 16, 2003————————————————————————

As we come to the end of another school year I would like to thank all of you for the support, trust, confidence and cooperation that you have shown to me during this past year. All of this has meant much to me and encouraged me to stay the course. 

I am very proud of the way all of you have responded to the ups and downs of this present school year. 

Together we have gone through healing from the events of last year, dealt with significant mid-year budget cuts, gone out for a $17 million COP to deal with immediate needs, and done the ground work for a potential General Obligation Bond in November of this year as well as coped with a potentially divisive vote for a faculty union. 

Wow, what a ride!  I am impressed by the professional way everyone has handled all these events.

In the midst of all that has occurred we have also been moving forward.  My sense of what has held us together and propelled us forward is what has always been important to Cerritos College, student success.

First and foremost we have made some significant steps forward in learning how to become more of a learner-centered institution and in the development of learning outcomes on the institutional, program and course levels. 

This must continue to be a priority for us and what gives focus to all of our faculty and staff development efforts.  Hand in hand with these efforts have been the efforts to cope with the basic skills issue. 

I believe we are getting a better grasp of this issue and learning ways to successfully deal with it. I am also very pleased with the development of the first year experience program, a spin off from the learning communities that will be implemented next year. 

 With the $17 million COP we will soon see the construction of the Health Occupations Skills Lab, the modular classroom building and administrative support building.

The COP is also allowing us to begin to redo the parking lots and make some other badly needed space renovations on campus as well as get on with the installation of PeopleSoft. As an aside I would like to say I am very impressed by the progress the campus is making in the installation of PeopleSoft.

I recognize that this project is making some heavy demands on many people and will continue to do so for a couple of years down the line. At the same time I am very pleased with the generally positive response and cooperation of the campus in the installation of PeopleSoft. 

This has been another example of the positive professionalism that exists on this campus and reflects well on the technological expertise already present on the campus.


The possibility of going out for a G.O. Bond in November has been the basic driving force behind the revision of our Facilities Master Plan.  Thank you for all your input and feedback as we continue to move forward in this planning process. 

The possibilities of what can be accomplished with the proceeds of a successful G.O. Bond are very exciting. If the Board does decide to move forward with a G.O. Bond vote in November, all of us will need to pitch in and do our part. 

Our survey of voters in the District shows a positive attitude and support for such a bond measure. At the same time the bond measure will be successful only if we all work hard to ensure its passage in November. 

 And then there are the budget cuts!  Thank you for understanding and cooperating with the cuts, the freezes, and the chills. Next year is not going to be any easier. However, working together we will be able to deal with what is handed us. In the midst of our budget constraints always remember that our first priority is student success. 


Finally, I would like to thank all the managers in a special way for their leadership and cooperation over the past year. I would like to thank as well the leadership of the CSEA and AFT and the Faculty Senate for their cooperation.

Also, I dare not forget the confidential employees who are so important in running my office, the offices of the vice presidents, and the office of Human Resources and Payroll. 

Most importantly I would like to thank the vice presidents and the Director of Human Resources for their support, confidence, and honest feedback and input. 

They are my most important co-workers whom I depend upon to take care of the day to day issues of leadership on the campus. The President is successful only to the extent that they do their jobs well. 

 I have been deeply honored and privileged to have been the Acting President over the past year. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you. 

Also, I pledge my cooperation in working with the new faculty union on campus as well as with the CSEA. My door is always open to anyone who wishes to talk to me and can get around my Praetorian Guards.