Avalon health screenings at Cerritos

Alicia Edquist, Advertising Manager/Lab Aide

Health issues are one of the main concerns on society today and with the high cost of testing. Avalon at Cerritos will be hosting “Life Line Screening” on Thursday.

Avalon at Cerritos is the assisted living community that is located off of New Falcon Way.

There will be four tests offered on Thursday for the community to take. The test include:

  • Stroke Screening/Carotid Artery –
  • this scans the carotid arteries in the neck for plaque buildup. The number one cause of strokes is linked to carotid artery blockage.

  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening –
  • this screens for the existence of an aneurysm in the abdominal aorta. The vast majority of people who have an aneurysm have no symptoms.

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening –
  • this screens for peripheral arterial disease (plaque buildup) in the lower extremities which is linked to coronary heart disease.

  • Osteoporosis Screening –
  • this screening can detect osteoporosis in a matter of just 60 seconds. Osteoporosis is normally painless and silent in its beginning phases causing it to go unnoticed for long periods of time.

The cost of the Stroke, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm or Peripheral Arterial screenings are $45 each or $99 for all three. The Osteoporosis screening is $35 on its own or is included in a package with all of the other screenings for $125.

“This is really important for elderly people and others in the community. The test will show in seconds if there is a health problem, then the person can go to his/her physician to take the necessary action. It could very well save your life,”said Eric Falcinella, Move-in Coordinator/Marketing at Avalon.

To register for the tests, you need to call (800) 407-4557. This Wednesday is the last day to sign up for the testing before Thursday.

Avalon has also linked up with the college to help benefit one another. The college wants to help students get hands on experience through working with the people and seniors at Avalon.

“Avalon has a connection with the college to help benefit one another and the community,” Falcinella said.

The Health Occupations division will also be participating in the event. The students from the program will be hosting a health fair to coincide with the “Life Line Screenings.”

The students will have booths set up in the upstairs portion of Avalon. The health fair will cover a broad range of topics such as Diabetes and my food choices; Cholesterol – the good, the bad and the ugly; Lifestyle changes to decrease my blood pressure; High blood pressure – why I should be concerned; The newest information about Glucometers; Speech therapy and older adults; and a stroke conversation group.

Both events will be going on Thursday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the Library and Media Center at Avalon.