Letter to the Editor

Monica Lopez

I would like to share with all Cerritos College students that I’m the proud daughter of two illegal wetbacks, dessert crossing, hurry up and cross that border illegal alien parents.

I’m hurt when I hear that illegal immigrants are considered a burden on the economy.

My very illegal father worked 30 years as a machinist in a company and my very alien mother worked in a lamp factory for 20 years. And guess what? They worked and bought their home in CALIFORNIA, paid their taxes in CALIFORNIA and last but not least, these two hard working illegals got CALIFORNIA, YES! CALIFORNIA drivers license, which enabled them to get to and from work.

This is just one of many examples I can tell you about.

Now who understands you people? When you talk about illegal immigrants, who are you referring to? Your great-grandparents and your grandparents? Or are you talking about your grandparents and your parents?

Which nationalities are you referring to? The U.S. is full of illegal people that come from all over the world. If you ask me, getting rid of all of us would make this country a sad place to live in.

Now, last but not least, before you continue speaking against illegal immigrants, I invite you to shake your family tree! Show proof that every single member of your family entered this country LEGALLY! It could be that due to their ILLEGALITY you’re legal here today, exercising your freedom of speech right just like me.

Thank you,Monica LopezCerritos College Student