ASCC President gives his voice on Measure CC

James Towns

Cerritos College was founded in 1956 back when the only thing around was dairy farms and the awful smell of cow manure. Wow, almost 50 years ago and from then to now there have been no upgrades in classroom buildings and barely any upgrades in classroom equipment.

I guess you can tell my opinion on the General Obligation bond. It is Yes all the way on measure CC. But why, as a student of Cerritos College for the pass of two-two and a half years I have been subjected to the unequipped rooms that have non-working TV’s and non-working VCR’s.

How can I get the best education possible if we don’t have the equipment necessary? How can you teach me power point and the there is no projection screen, better yet no computer for the instructor to use.

How do you expect to teach me a vocational trade in electronic synthesizer and the speakers are busted and the mixing boards that don’t work?

It’s passing will students won’t even have descent bathrooms to go into without almost gagging to stay in. We the students of Cerritos College deserves to sit in chairs comfortably not chairs for our four to five years old children.

The G.O. Bond is the relief and accommodations that the students of Cerritos College have been begging to receive and if it passes we can finally after almost 50 years receive the proper buildings, and equipment that we deserve.

James TownsASCC President