Please, Float On!

You may have heard it on the radio, and you may have heard it on TV shows like The OC. And although it’s gaining more televised popularity, chances are Modest Mouse’s new single “Float On,” has had a more lasting impression on your mind than Paris Hilton.

But the question remains, is all this publicity well deserved?

With the release of their newest album, “Good News For People Who Love Bad News” on April 6, Modest Mouse is all the rage for seventeen-year-old mall rats that consider Blink 182 to be punk rock.

If you’re a previous fan of Modest Mouse, it’s blatantly clear that ‘Good News,’ is a very low step down from previous albums like ‘Moon & Antarctica.’ That just about makes it bad news in my book.

The best description I can give this album is “proper.” It’s merely OK. It gives its listeners and fans just enough to keep them happy. Stylistically, they are good enough to keep their indie rock title, yet folk-y enough to still be cool with the “emo” kids.

Songs like “Dig Your Grave,” and “Dance Hall,” ruin it for this quartet. You almost feel compelled to write them and ask what they were on when they decided to put out this over produced crap.

They do have a few listening-worthy songs on the CD. “The World At Large” almost has a 60’s or early 70’s Beatles sound to it. And the manic “Bury Me With It” is intense. And of course, the fun “Float On” is a nice addition.

The horn intro by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, is also impressive and is a great build-up for an unfortunately disappointing album. It seems Modest Mouse is having trouble living up to their legacy and is turning to studio executives for the thumbs up on their albums. Most fans won’t admit it, but unfortunately, it seems like these mice have taken the bait.

Don’t waste your money; a single like “Float On” isn’t enough to save this album, or this band.