The adventure begins

Board members at the new math and science building groundbreaking

Christopher Olivares

Board members at the new math and science building groundbreaking

Cerritos College began its first phase of making the campus student friendly. Last Wednesday, faculty, administrators, representatives from the state and the community, attended the groundbreaking of the new Science & Math building, which will replace the Lecture Hall on the westside of campus.

As President Noelia Vela spoke to a small crowd of community representatives and faculty about the remarks she received from Senator Diana Feinstein and Norwalk City Mayor Cheri Kelly about the support from the community and the passage of the General Obligation Bond, as she welcomes everyone to an historic moment for the college and introduces the person involved in the process of the phase for the college.

Norm Fujimoto, Instructional Dean of Science, Engineering and Mathematics said, “We are entering a proud and exciting adventure in the community for the college, I have seen many buildings being placed on campus, but this is the first time we demolished a building and have it replace by a new building.”

The Science & Math building will be funded by the G.O. Bond, costing $20 million and it will consist of 51,218 square feet while housing five biology labs, four chemistry labs and six lecture halls.

John Moore, board member said, “We are very fortunate. We have a plan on how to use the G.O. Bond money. It’s going well, especially with the excitement of the new Science & Math building. This is the jewel of the school that will out shine all the surrounding school districts.” He also mentioned seeing Cerritos College in three to five years being more technologically advanced to help support the needs of student education.

“A student friendly environment is the goal that Cerritos College will be fulfilling for the future of the campus”, says Cheryl Shimazu Biology instructor. She said that she assisted with Norm Fujimoto and others in the division to contribute to the planning of the Science & Math building.

The Science and Math building is one of the first buildings at Cerritos College to replace the Lecture Hall. This is the first phase for the Science & Math building.

The second phase will be placed over another existing building, which will be the Natural and Physical Science building, only once the completion of the first phase is complete.

The Science and Math building has plans of being completed by the fall of 2006, by the Kemp brothers.

Holly Bogdonovich, Director of Student Activities, said, ” The new complex will provide our students with an advance Science and Math labs, better facilities and classrooms, which will enhance their educational experience.”