Trivia Test

By Fifi Rodriquez


1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What U.S. facility is sometimes known by the nickname “Gitmo”?

2. TELEVISION: Who starred as Josh Randall on “Wanted: Dead or Alive”?

3. LANGUAGE: The Greek prefix “theo” means what in English?

4. GEOGRAPHY: What body of water connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans?

5. HISTORY: How many years did the Nazis occupy France during World War II?

6. MOVIES: Which Humphrey Bogart movie features a character named Sam Spade?

7. LITERATURE: What were E.B. White’s first two names?

8. GAMES: In “Monopoly,” what is the color of the “Marvin Gardens” property?

9. STATES: What state’s motto is “Eureka” (I have found it)?

10. RELIGION: Where was Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, born?

Answers1. Guantanamo2. Steve McQueen3. God4. Strait of Magellan5. Four6. “The Maltese Falcon”7. Elwyn Brooks8. Yellow9. California10. Mecca

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