Cartozian fights on

Alicia Edquist, Advertising Manager/Lab Aide

Over the past month, Kirk Cartozian, Mayor of city of Downey, has been the victim of his re-election signs being stolen from yards in Downey.

Cartozian is running for re-election for District 5 in Downey.

The Committee to Re-elect Kirk Cartozian distributed hundreds of signs all over the city during the course of the last month.

“We’ve had hundreds of signs stolen over the course of the last month. On one street alone (Rives Avenue), 23 signs were stolen,” Cartozian said.

The campaign committee has been told that many of residents signs have been stolen and the committee has sinced replaced them.

In a recent “Letter to the Editor” in the “Downey Patriot” Joyce Sherwin wrote in about her sign being one of the 23 that were stolen and that she wanted two signs for her lawn and a extra two signs to place in her window so no one could steal them.

There are two other candidates running against Cartozian.

When it comes to who might have taken the signs, Cartozian says, “My only guess is to think that people supporting another candidate are not happy with our strong presence and visibility of signs all over the city.”

He also said, “Desperate conditions often lure people into desperate measures. It’s very disheartening to see. The signs cost a lot of money but, in the end, signs don’t vote anyway. People vote, and we have a lot of people on our side.”

When it comes to running for re-election for the mayor of the city of Downey, Cartozian is confident in his ability to be mayor.

“I’m running for re-election because I love what I do and feel quite compentent in my capacity. My four years of experience and record with the Downey community are indicative of this. I have become even more comfortable in getting things done on behalf of our citizens. In addition, there are a lot of city projects that are still in the works that I am reponsible for. I want to make sure that those projects (i.e. NASA development site, re-organization of permit process and entitlements, and treescape programs to name just a few).

The Committee to re-elect Kirk Cartozian wants to let residents know that if their signs are stolen, the committee will replace them.

For information on the re-election campaign for Cartozian, citzens can contact them at (562) 310-8630 or on the web site