Trivia Test

By Fifi Rodriguez

1. GOVERNMENT: When did the U.S. Supreme Court become a nine-member body?

2. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: The term “Rosie the Riveter” came out of which war?

3. HISTORY: The Jacobins were a radical group of which movement?

4. MOVIES: When was “The Muppet Movie” released?

5. GEOGRAPHY: What two nations does the 38th parallel divide?

6. BUSINESS: What large company has its headquarters in Golden, Colo.?

7. PRESIDENTS: Which former vice president wrote a novel called “The Canfield Decision”?

8. ANIMAL KINGDOM: Which creature’s diet consists solely of eucalyptus leaves?

9. LANGUAGE: What does “expound” mean?

10. FOOD: What type of food is ricotta?

Answers1. 1869 2. World War II3. French Revolution4. 19795. North and South Korea6. Coors7. Spiro T. Agnew wrote the novel about the downfall of a vice president.8. Koala bear9. To explain in detail10. Cheese

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