Triva test

By Fifi Rodriguez

1. HISTORY: About how old was King Tut when he became leader of Egypt?

2. FOOD & DRINK: What type of alcoholic beverage is used in a mint julep?

3. PSYCHOLOGY: What kind of fear is represented by androphobia?

4. MOVIES: When was Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie “The Birds” released?

5. RELIGION: In the Bible, what was the name of Noah’s father?

6. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: London’s Savile Row is best known for what?

7. LANGUAGE: What is the literal translation of the word “aloha”?

8. HIGHER EDUCATION: Where is the famous college called the Sorbonne located?

9. MUSIC: In what English city did The Beatles form in 1960?

10. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital of the Falkland Islands?

Answers1. 10 years old2. Bourbon 3. A fear of men4. 19635. Lamech6. Tailoring7. Love8. Paris9. Liverpool10. Stanley

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