Trivia Test

By Fifi Rodriguez

1. LITERATURE: Who wrote the novel “War and Remembrance”?

2. HISTORY: Who was the last Norman king of England?

3. PSYCHOLOGY: What fear is represented by the condition called “ailurophobia”?

4. ANCIENT WORLD: Who was Hesiod?

5. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Where did the dance called the “samba” originate?

6. TELEVISION: On the original episodes of the children’s TV show “Blue’s Clues,” what was the name of the dog Blue’s human owner?

7. LANGUAGE: Something that is cutaneous relates to what?

8. MYTHOLOGY: According to legend, who was King Arthur’s queen?

9. GEOGRAPHY: The Faroe Islands are a part of which nation?

10. PRESIDENTS: George W. Bush’s brother Jeb is governor of which state?

Answers1. Herman Wouk2. Stephen3. A fear of cats4. Greek poet5. Brazil6. Steve 7. The skin8. Guinevere9. Denmark10. Florida

CORRECTION: A recent Trivia Test included a question about the first name of a daughter of Lyndon Johnson who was married while her father was president. The answer given was “Luci.” In fact, both Luci and her older sister, Lynda Bird, were married while their father was president.

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