“My Cerritos” log in problems emerge

The new My Cerritos web-site is currently unavailable and is experiencing different difficulties for different students.

The site has been experiencing problems with the log in screen since at least Friday afternoon. As recently as today the site has been completely down.

The site which launched two weeks ago, serves as an all inclusive portal for students. It enables students to sign up for classes, check their schedule, adjust their student profile and even check their financial aid status.

Several students began to have problems logging in to the site on Friday. “I kept putting my log in and password but it kept refreshing the page and not letting me in” Martin Escondido business major said while in the LRC computer labs attempting to get in to change his schedule.

He was not alone experiencing problems on Friday. “I noticed it (log in problem)a couple of days ago and I tired today and it wont even open the site now.” Christina Gutierrez philosophy major said about the site and what she is experiencing today.

Some like Gutierrez canot open the page at all and some can open it but the page never fully loads.

There is no word yet on what the school is doing to fix the problem.

Talon Marks will continue to update the situation as it develops.

*For more information on the website and other problems it has had since inception see “Cerritos portal problems fixed” in News section*