Site of the week: McSweeney’s Lists

Benedict Orbase

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Lists

McSweeney’s Lists is a collection of user-submitted lists, a la David Letterman’s Top Ten, amassed over a period of more than five years, for any and every topic under the sun. Some are irreverent and some are over the top, but all are funny in their own way. But then again, your mileage may vary.

Here’s my own list:

Notable Lists Found At McSweeney’s Lists:

* The Only Thoughts I Remember Crossing My Mind Today

* Klingon Fairy Tales

* Things That My Brother Has That I Don’t

* Actual Stories from American Window Cleaner Magazine

* Pickup Lines That Went Unnoticed

* Remember in “Passenger 57” When Elizabeth Hurley Says “How Would You Like Your Steak, Sir?” and He Says “Bloody!” and Then They Start Shooting People? OK. Five Other Ways He Could Have Liked His Steak, With the Concomitant Killing Methodologies

For even more smart writing, be sure to check out the parent site, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (a publishing house for writers like Michael Chabon, the author of “Wonder Boys”).