‘Concrete Underground’ concert invades campus

R.J., lead singer of The Briefcases

Josh Garcia

R.J., lead singer of The Briefcases

Music echoed around campus but it wasn’t the on-campus radio station, it was the sound of the “Concrete Underground,” a three-part series of concerts presented by the music business class at Cerritos College.

Each concert will showcase a different style of music.

Last Thursday was the alternative rock showcase. The three bands that performed were The Jon Garcia Band, After Miles, and The Briefcases. Each band played a couple of songs.

The showcase started at 11 a.m and ended at 12:30 p.m. The showcase location was held in the back of the theater building. The concert was supposed to be in the College Amphitheater.

“It was changed mostly because of the event that’s taking place in the student center. They didn’t want the music to carry over into the student center,” Gary Pritchard, music instructor, explained.

This showcase is a part of the music business class and the students put the shows together, Laura Cendejas, music major, explained.

She added that the students were also involved in picking which bands and musicians will participate in each showcase.

“After Miles” was the second band that performed at the event.

“Jon Garcia asked us to come and play,” mentioned Isaiah Milner, lead singer of After Miles.

“(Garcia) sent us a message on myspace,” Joe Khoroosi, violinist added.

The band has been playing together for six months, but Milner and Khoroosi have been playing together for seven years.

“After Miles” just signed with ANKO Records and the album will be released in mid- to late November, Milner added.

Many of the onlookers enjoyed the show, “I like listening to live music,” Mario Rosas, undecided major, explained.

Jon-Erik Tateri, bio-psychology major, said, “It’s impressive that we have so much talent here.”

Albert Aguilar, accounting major, also enjoyed the show and he thought that the students involved in putting the show together were doing a good job.

However not everyone agreed.

“There’s something lacking, it’s the creativity,” Patrick Carpenter, geography major, mentioned.

The music club also took part in this event by selling refreshments and snacks.

“The brownies and cookies were good,” Juli Joe, science major, added.

Also, “After Miles” was selling shirts and if a person bought a shirt he would receive a free CD of the band’s music.

The next showcase is scheduled for Nov. 3. This showcase’s theme will be hip-hop and the third showcase, mainstream rock, is on Dec. 8. Both showcases start at 11 a.m.