Movie Review: “Stay Alive”

The line between reality and fiction becomes blurred for a group of video game players in the new flick “Stay Alive.”

Written and directed by newcomer William Brent Bell, “Stay Alive” follows a group of teenagers who stumble across a next generation horror survival game that they later find out is based on the true story of a 17-century noblewoman referred to as “The Blood Countess.”

Not knowing much about the game other than the fact that they aren’t supposed to have it, the gamers give in to temptation and begin playing the gruesome game, only to make a startling connection – they are each being killed off one-by-one in the exact method as their character in the game.

The gamers must draw from their experience from the game and what little they know about the Countess in order to defeat her, and ultimately stay alive.

Made up of small-screen actors such as Samaire Armstrong (“The OC”), Frankie Muniz (“Malcolm in the Middle”), Milo Ventimiglia (“Gilmore Girls”) and Sophia Bush (“One Tree Hill”), the emphasis on big names is taken off the actors and placed on the storyline of the film.

Armstrong, a rookie in the big-screen movie business, offered a solid performance in the film and handed viewers an impressive presentation that would please “OC” fans.

Likewise, Muniz showed audience members that he was more than Malcolm and surprised viewers with his first adult performance since his “Agent Cody Banks” films.

For gamers, “Stay Alive” encompasses all of the elements of an impressive horror survival game on the big-screen while staying true to virtual reality roots. For those non-gamers, the film offers viewers a motion picture that is as terrifying as it is surreal.

No matter your preference, “Stay Alive” gives moviegoers a good scare.