Cage’s fire really burned out in new movie

Sean Escalante

A young stunt motorcycle rider, Johnny Blaze/ Ghost Rider, (Nicolas Cage) decides to sell his soul to the devil, in order to cure his father from cancer.

But, after his father dies from a tragic motorcycle accident, Johnny leaves his maddening life, including his girlfriend Roxanne (Eva Mendes) to his world of motorcycle stunts.

This movie screams Hollywood louder then any movie known to man. Everything about the film is cliché’ and has been done millions of times.

Now older, and successful Johnny finds his ex girlfriend when she interviews him about his next big stunt. Then he finds out that he turns into a flaming skeleton because of his deal with devil, to become a bounty hunter and get five unwanted demons back into hell.

Sounds like a promising “super hero” plot, full of action and entertainment. But unnecessary wild camera moves, and a cheesy heavy metal soundtrack that popped in whenever the bad guys came in easily destroyed it.

I believe this film caught every aspect of the comic book genre that wasn’t supposed to be seen. An interesting approach but it really didn’t work for me.

The movie was also quite boring. I don’t even remember what the bad demons looked liked. They where defeated by Ghost Rider within a five second span.

Ghost Rider is definitely not a film that you would want to see if you’re in it for the action. Not even all the fire in the world, couldn’t heat up the entertainment value.

The only thing that saved this movie from going to hell itself was Nicolas Cage. His character is an odd one, and Cage plays it just right, giving us chuckles left to right. It’s hard to watch an actor giving his all to his performance, while the rest of the movie is crumbling all around them.

I found the subplot between Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes more interesting than the whole Ghost Rider thing. It left me on the edge of my seat to be honest with you.

I mean how would you tell someone that you turn into the devil’s bounty hunter? I would find that quite hard.

The rest of the characters were poorly acted out. I felt the guy who played the devil (Wes Bently) was very dry. The devil himself was very cliché’ and basically stupid. You might as well just throw horns on a bum in the street.

This movie should be strictly for those who have nothing to do.