Blood drive moves on during drill

The Red Cross held a blood drive that went on between April 11-12.

Rob Torrez, American Cross Senior Representative, says that Cerritos College is great at donating blood based on its consistency.

Torrez says Cerritos is among the top schools to donate blood at the drives among Mt. SAC, LBC, Cal Poly, El Camino, Santa Ana, Cypress, and Orange Coast.

According to Torrez, Cerritos is getting better at donating blood each year.

“The blood should be used by next week,” Torrez said.

About 100 students and about 125 between the two days. That didn’t include walk-ins.

When the sirens went off at Cerritos College, there was one man inside with a needle in his arm.

“We couldn’t pull the needle out of him,” Torrez said, “He finished and we escorted him out.”

Torrez said they the Red Cross lost a few donors due to the alarm, but people came back and Torrez appreciates it.

The Red Cross is bringing in the new Alyx machine to use with donators that meet the requirements.

The purpose of the Alyx machine is to take the red blood cells out and return all other fluids into the body.

With the Alyx machine, a pint of blood can help up to six people, rather than the normal three.

The requirements to use the Alyx machine for males is he has to be at least 5′ 1″ and 150 pounds. For women, the requirements are she has to be at least 5′ 11″ and 175 pounds.

“That’s what the hospitals are in need of, red blood cells.”

Barbara Rodriguez, psychology major, was there to donate blood, describing this as her “5000th time.”

“[I have been donating] since I was 17 [years old],” Rodriguez said.

“A lot of people need blood transfusions,” she says, “There is a shortage of blood and we need it.”

Joey McNair, undecided major, put it simply, “It helps people’s lives.” The Red Cross gave donators free music CDs as a “thank you” to them.