Negron – Mummy 3 review

Tarrah Negron

Set in China at 200 B.C.; Where Jet Li portrays the character of the vicious Emperor Han, whom searches for immortality for him and his army. While building the Great Wall of China on top of thousands of servants being worked to death; Han and his army are captious and mummified by a powerful sorceress. Two thousand years later, all grown-up Alex O’Connell is youthful and ready to pick up where his parents had left off. Already having experience with their previous risky adventures, he is in searching for an adventure all his own. Alex, an inspiring archaeologist, walking in his parent’s footsteps, finds himself being tricked into awakening the dreaded Emperor Han. His challenge throughout the movie is to think ahead and stop the evil emperor from reaching his goal of immortality. Where him and his army will take over all of China and keep the whole human race under his horrible authority and command. There are many obstacles to overcome and face. This movie is an eye catcher. If you haven’t seen the first three Mummy adventure movies, that’s okay. This movie offers, a bit of Chinas historical legends, a mix of humor, a bit of romance and a lot of wild action, great for a mature audience that seeks an all around great movie. Rated: PG 13, this movie has a bit of something for everyone.Rob Cohen directs this adventure movie alongside Editor Joel Negron. This marks Joel Negron’s second film with Rob Cohen, in which they additionally worked on the Fast and the Furious together. Negron’s recent credits include editing an inspirational film, Gridiron Gang, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who also played a role in the previous Mummy: the Scorpion King. Joel Negron had also worked on such films with director Tim Burton, Mars Attacks!, Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes, and Big Fish.To get an inside idea about the movie, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, I interviewed Joel Negron, Myself. Zael: What do you think Rob Cohen was trying to portray in using real archaeological finds from China in the movie?Joel: In using Chinas historical legends, I believe that it helped build the story stronger to make it more interesting and have more depth in the background culture of a real army that was buried with their emperor in China.Zael: In putting this whole movie together piece by piece, and going through the different scenes, do you think this movie could catch the interest of a younger crowd?Joel: Seeing that I have two younger children. One in the sixth grade and another in the fourth; they seemed to enjoy it. They seemed interested enough to have many questions about the previous movies before this one. They have seen this movie for a total of three times in a week. Knowing that this movie can catch the interest of elementary school children, I don’t see why not.Zael: Kids these days would watch anything that’s on television, how does an elementary student differ from older teenaged to mid-twenties?Joel: On previous movies that I had worked on, I invited all of my family to a local movie theater to watch it themselves and give me their feedback. They ranged from my daughters fourth grade to my father who is seventy-two.

Now is for you to get keep guessing or go see it for yourself. Is this fierce monarch capable of awakening his powerful army and will his diabolical plan for world domination finally be set into action? Or do the O’Connell’s dust of their boots and take a step back into their familiar atmosphere and stop him? As you can wonder, the good guy always wins.I don’t follow along with many trilogy movies, but I did enjoy watching this one.