Negron – opinion

Tarrah Negron

Hey There, Fall 2008 here at Cerritos College!If you are reading this you’re probably a student, teacher, or some wonderer about this campus of Cerritos College that just so happened to pick up our school newspaper and turn to read this article. Thank you. Bored much? Tired? Is this an assignment? Or, are you just waiting for class to start and picked up some reading material to pass the time. Anyways, I am new, just as you. Or, maybe not? Are you a returning student? Just transferred? Have you been here for 6 years or more? Doesn’t matter. We are all here for a reason. Our own reason. We leave high schools and other social group affiliated societies to reach out and accomplish our own goals.This will probably be the shortest article, I will write all year. Just because this is an introductory and I love to write, as well as talk. So I will say this to you, (to start off this schools year) “More Power to you!” Find out what you love to do most, and do it with purpose. Do it now and with full speed ahead. There is nothing and no one to stop you, but yourself. You are your worst enemy or your best friend? Nothing anyone can say about you could make you stop doing what you love to do and are most passionate about. That’s up to you, if you let them. You obviously have something you want to accomplish this year or maybe next year? Whatever it may be, don’t waste your time. Hey! Have fun while you do just that. Change up your routines a bit. Whether its your eating habits, transportation, or ways you treat others. I am riding my bike to school this year. No way am I sending half of my pay check to the gas stations. I help the environment and keep money in my pocket for shopping. Who wants to waste money on gas these days? The prices? Are you kidding me? Call me when they get down to two dollars, then maybe ill bargain.I encourage you all, to try something different. Take an art class or learn something new, whether in culinary or physical education. Who knows? You might actually like it.I am looking forward to a great year. As I will be alongside you, we all will be experiencing the many social conflicts that arise in our society, campus, at your work space and even at home. Just know, you are not alone. I am just here to help you recognize these facts and truths of life, that maybe nobody ever told you. Listen to everything, believe nothing. It’s your choice to take forth on the things I say to you or anybody else. Its what you do with it that matters. Hey! Stop in your tracks, tilt your head back, and look up at the sky. There are far greater things out there needed to be discovered and accomplished but that’s up to you too. Take that route no one dares to go. Be that person. The one, who everyone looks at and wants to be just like, it’s your choice, choose wisely.Be cautious in all that you do, and know that a little change can make a big difference. G.B., Zael