Accreditation Report#

Andres Escamilla

The accreditation report is in and has placed Cerritos College under warning for its failure to comply with past recommendations.

Cerritos College has been given a series of new recommendations that must also be dealt with.

The Accreditation Commission of Community and Junior Colleges has given Cerritos College a total of eight recommendations.

Four of the eight recommendations must be addressed by March 1, 2009.

These recommendations are in the following areas:? leadership: communication and participation,? planning, resource allocation and evaluation,? program review and? leadership: empowerment, innovation, collaboration and decision-making.

The remaining four recommendations will have to be addressed by June, 2010.

These recommendations are in the following areas:? mission statement, ? student learning outcomes,? accurate catalog info and? human resources policies and procedures.

Some of the recommendations, however, are not new to Cerritos College and are repeats from the last accreditation review in 2002.

It is because of these repeats that Cerritos College has been put on warning.

Cerritos College has twice been recommended that it must have a program review.

In order to meet the standards it is recommended by the ACCJC that the school improve all accommodations around campus including the non-instructional areas around campus.

The other repeat offence is in the area of planning, resource allocation and evaluation.

In order to comply with the commission it is recommended that the college make full use of the Office of Research and Planning for the purpose of developing a comprehensive planning and evaluation process that is guided by the college mission statement.

Another recommendation that must be addressed by this date is in the area of leadership, to improve communication and participation.

This recommendation consists of the college, through the president’s leadership, must create better forms of dialogue among the staff about the improvement of student learning and institutional processes.

The fourth recommendation that must be addressed by the 2009 deadline is in the area of leadership; empowerment, innovation, collaboration and decision-making must improve.

In order to comply with this recommendation the college must establish a climate of empowerment, innovation and collaboration resulting in a decision-making process that provides a voice for faculty.

If the school does not comply with these recommendations, it could be sanctioned with penalties such as loss of financial aid money, scholarships and eligibility to transfer to a university.

“We are nowhere near that,” said Linda Rose, Instructional Dean Liberal Arts Division. “We have enough people on this campus who are knowledgeable and prepared to address each of these issues.”

Another recommendation that must be addressed involves the school’s mission statement.

The commission recommends that the school include in their mission statement a description of its student population and to state its commitment to student learning and the value of diversity, however, this recommendation has the June, 2010 deadline.

Student learning outcomes is also on the 2010 deadline and must address the issues regarding the identification of student learning outcomes for programs, certificates and degrees.

Another issue subject to this deadline is that concerning accurate catalog information that requires that the catalogs information be consistent and accurate.

The last issue that the school must address is in the area of human resources and must update policies, procedures, forms and guidelines in all areas under human resources.