ASCC Cabinet Meeting Discusses New Ideas-Negron

Tarrah Negron

The ASCC Executive Cabinet meeting held on Monday August 8, consisted of many new upcoming projects of business to be arranged.

Leading the meeting, Presdent of the ASCC Michael Barrita, discussed the continuing idea of an upcoming projects, supporting the faculty Senate’s, “Habits of the Mind”.

The idea behind “Habits of the Mind” is to offer students information on becoming successful students here at Cerritos College, since it is estimated that 80% of students are 1st generation college students, this will help many in having a broad idea of habits to obtain in becoming a successful student in college and to further their career goal, as opppoed to lingering for many years.

The plan is to launch this campaign in January 2008 and to hire a coordinator to manage it as well.

Also, after Barrita met with the Campus Transportation Committee, he states of three plans that were discussed in the meeting.

As the process of construction here on campus is in progress, there were new ideas; of better parking, less buildings, and the reconstruction of the Falcon Square.

As parking continues to get heavier and busier everyday, Barrita expains that CTC brought up the idea of rearranging the parking spaces into a 90 degreee angle, so that you can fit more parking spaces and cars into the lot.

There are many positives and negatives to this idea, as it is still being discussed as a possible suggestion to help relieve the traffic in parking and as an effort to save more of the strawberry fields.

The upbringing of reconstructing the Falcon Square caused governemnet students to opppse to this idea.

Questions arrose, as to, why spend more money to change something when its already had so much money put into it.

Especially since students helped by contributing money into the Falcon Square.

Present at the ASCC Executive Cabinet meeting, the Director of Student Activites, Holly Bugdanovich strongly stated,”Leave as Is!”