Gomez E. – Cerritos’ Info Club Day!

Ernesto Gomez

Tents were up and tables were set this past Wednesday and Thursday as many different clubs set up camp to promote themselves.

The clubs ranged from the Gay Straight Alliance, to Psychology to the Campus Crusade for Christ.

Many clubs had incentives to get people to approach their table. The Christian Students club was passing out free muffins, which seemed to be working.

Even our very own Talon Marks Editor-In-Chief, Tim Dickerson was present. Dickerson was passing out clickers with the words “Campus news is just a click a way.” Pun intended.

Chris Pacani, exercise major from the Triathlon club was setting up photos of past members. “Our triathlon includes running, cycling and swimming. We also do a lot of marathons,” Pacani said.

Alex Aguayo from the Gay-Straight Alliance was passing out No to Prop. 8 stickers. “The ones that don’t know about it are the ones voting against it,” Aguayo said in regards to voting for Prop. 8.

Prop. 8 is looking to revoke gay and lesbian marriages, both past and future.

Leo Zambrano from the International Student Alliance explained to potential members the benefits of his club. “We are gathering people from other countries and exposing them to different cultures,” Zambrano said.

Club Info Day happens twice every semester and is organized by the ASCC. It is a great event to attend if you are interested in joining any club, or at least learning about the many clubs on campus.