Gomez E. – Blood Drive

Ernesto Gomez

It was a good turnout for the American Red Cross this Wednesday.

By noon, they had already collected 11 pints of blood.

“One pint of blood is enough to help three people,” said Obed Martinez, an instructor with the American Red Cross.

“We had a good turnout today”, said Martinez, “and there’s still like 15 people waiting outside.”

The American Red Cross has blood drives wherever it is allowed, as long as there is a good amount of sign ups beforehand.

The whole process takes from 45 minutes up to an hour, and it is recommended that donors eat and drink plenty of fluids before donating.

The Red Cross team here on campus consists of 10 members, with a total of five beds setup with the necessary equipment.

They also have a table set up with snacks and drinks for after donating, which was tended by two Cerritos College volunteers: Reyna de Luna, nursing major, and Monserrat Martinez, bio/pre-med major.

Also sitting at the snack table was recent donor Jovanni Lucero, biology major. “I just like donating blood,” said Lucero who also commented that it was not his first time doing so.