New construction plans discussed

Gustavo Rangel

Cerritos College held a presentation to explain what is going on, and what is going to happen with construction.

The facility master plan is already is place.

Two different master plans, with different future designs were discussed.

Jim Albanese, Vice President of Business Service, discussed the two master plans of construction.

The master plans are options that were presented for review.

Albanese said, ” The swing space buildings are like a 20-year old car it can keep going, but eventually you’re going to need a new one.”

Questions were asked about swing space, which is renovating or keeping old buildings while the new ones are built.

“A lot of construction will be held during spring,” he said. “Swing space will be sufficient to all departments needs.”

CLO1 will keep the old Fine, and Liberal Arts buildings until the new ones are built. CLO2, the second master plan, will shift the Liberal Arts buildings if put in to construction.

In both plans, the Burnight Center will be built, while the old one is still in use.

The changes that have been made are:

  •  Cerritos College construction has the facilities maintenance, OPS, and purchasing facilities have been relocated to 166th Street.
  •  The Child Development Center has been moved to the south of the campus police, adjacent to the senior housing, which allows soccer practice field to stay in the same place.
  • Liberal Arts and DPS facilities have been moved to the south, between the Science Building, and the LLRC.
  • The Classroom, Lab, and Office Building No. 2 have been moved to the northwest corner of the campus, north of the Science Building.

Dates have been posted to finalize the plans for construction, online surveys will take place on Sept. 18.

The next Campus Transformation Committee meeting will be on Sept. 25.

Recommendations to the Board will be on Oct. 15.