W Water Polo – Dickerson

Tim Dickerson

With a 21-4 victory, the women’s water polo team dominated the El Camino Warriors last Wednesday.

The Falcons lead 7-0 in the first quarter.

They increased their lead a little further by halftime at 11-3.

By the fourth quarter, the Falcons were in the lead at 16-4.

7-0 lead in the first quarter. By halftime it was 11-3 and the team opened their lead even wider in the third, when they outscored the Warriors, 6-1.

This was the team’s first South Coast Conference game.

“I felt our younger players stepped up,” said Sergio Macias, head coach.

15 of the 25 players are new to the team.

Macias complimented Mandy Perez, goalie, on her constant blocks in the first half.

In the end, Perez had five steals and four saves.

Karen Aguirre, utility, scored four goals for the Falcons.

Adriana Rodriguez, Jackie Guerrero and Nicole Tuning finished the game with three goals each.

With about four minutes left on the clock, Tuning tried to shoot the ball from behind but it failed.

“They would block my right hand shot,” she said.

“Our defense (was the strongest point),” Angela Chiaromonte, driver, said. “Without that, we wouldn’t have an offense.”