Negron- Ventura Game#

Negron-Ventura Game


Saturday night’s football game at Cerritos against the Ventura Pirates ended with the Falcons’ win at 18-3.


Junior Tivao, lineback/runningback, made the Falcons’ first touchdown of the game.


With a two-yard running play, the Falcons set the games score until halftime with Cerritos at 6 and Ventura with 0.

One of Ventura‘s faults in the second quarter, was a 27-yard punt kick attempted for a field goal, the kick was then blocked and recovered by defensive back Travian Smith.


Fans in the stands cheered on Smith as he ran with the ball to the Pirates’ 12-yard line, but there was a flag on the play.

Cerritos had an offside penalty and the play was set back to the 27-yard Falcon line and Ventura attempted the kick again, but was blocked and recovered by Eric Roberson, tight end, from Cerritos.


With much excitement in the air Cerritos had the ball as time ran out for half-time.


With five minutes and 40 seconds left in the third quarter, Tivao ran in yet another touchdown for the Falcons, leaving the score for Cerritos at 12 and Ventura 0.


In attempt to make the two-point conversion for Cerritos, the pass was no good.


Ventura‘s Semaj Washington, runningback, made the Pirates’ first touchdown of the game in the fourth quarter and missed the field goal.


Tension began to grow in the crowd when Pirates wide receiver Patrick Hebert made a complete pass with quarterback Lee Mondal, allowing them to receive a second touchdown in the game.


The score at this point was 12-13.


With less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter, Cerritos had the ball.


Setting up to make a final play Cerritos quarterback Jeffery Fischer completed yet another pass with Tivao, at one minute and 32 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Falcons made a touchdown.