Clean water fountains next on Barrita’s agenda

Tim Dickerson

ASCC President Michael Barrita informed the cabinet on Monday about his two plans he is putting into play: campus clean-up and evaluating the campus water fountains.

Barrita said that on his break at around 4 to 4:30, he picks up trash on the Hill.

He says that when he does it, he sees other students clean up the Hill as well.

Shola Shodiya, ASCC vice president, said, “Maybe we could have a campus clean-up day.”

The cabinet also wants to push cleanliness in the bathrooms, from general cleanliness to graphitti.

To evaluate the water fountains on campus, Barrita assigned the 37 buildings on campus to the 15 commissioners.

Each commissioner is to map out where the water fountains are in each building and write a report on the conditions of each fountain.

Some may be rusted and others may have no pressure. These are the things they will report about.

Barrita expects the reports back in “two to three weeks.”

He will then turn in those reports to facilities.

His goal is for students to have water they can be comfortable with.

This plan is along the same theme as his water proposal from his term as vice president during the last school year.

Barrita set up a proposal to offer free water at the Student Activities office to all students.

That proposal was shot down by Pepsi, which sells water in the vending machines all over campus.

Now he wants the water fountains that need the most attention to be brought up to par.

Nathalie Chavez, ISCC commissioner, says, “Hydrate yourself.”