Honoring heroes

Ernesto Gomez

Fernando Cervantes Jr., civil engineering major, was one of the many attendees at last Monday’s Veterans Day event held at the Student Amphitheatre.

He listened attentively as war veterans recalled experiences of combat.

“I have three uncles in the military,” Cervantes said. That is the reason he felt deep respect should be paid to all the veterans.

“I’ll be joining the Navy reserve in six to eight months,” Cervantes shared, “and my younger brother in about a year.”

The event consisted of many military guest speakers, including marine veteran Richard Elizondo, who was constrained to a wheelchair.

“They allow credit card companies on campus, but they don’t allow recruiters,” he complained.

Elizondo finished his speech by sending a message to all those present: “Please, honor those veterans.”

There was also a recital of poems honoring all veterans, living and fallen, written by students.

Bethany Pena read both poems, and asked for a moment of silence afterward to honor fallen soldiers, and ended with the playing of Taps, one of the most easily recognizable bugle calls of the military.

Veterans Day is celebrated on Nov. 11, and which is also the anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I.