weed vs beer

gustavo rangel and Gustavo Rangel

Weed vs. Alcohol, which one is better. Some say alcohol, some say weed. I say I don’t care as long as I get intoxicated.

Weed you can keep smoking and won’t pass out and regret it the next day, alcohol is very easy to get…unless you’re underage.

I like to both drink and smoke but prefer to smoke because it’s something I can do when I want to be entertained.

When smoking weed you can smoke with people or by yourself and it won’t get boring, beer you have to have at least three people to make it fun.

Weed does horrible damage to your brain and stunts your growth; while alcohol kills your liver and can become quite addictive.

When I smoke I smoke till there is nothing left, when I drink I drink a certain
amount and then drink two more.

Smoking weed brings out some of the most creative ideas for songs, poems, and books. As to beer just brings up unwanted emotions.

When I get intoxicated I want to enjoy myself, not hear someone talk about their problems.

With weed it takes a bowl or two to get high, but with alcohol

 How much do you need to drink till you get to the point where you want to be?

There are two ways to ingest weed you can smoke it, or bake it into a sugary treat and eat; same with alcohol it can be drunk, and shot up.

And in my experience things that can be shot up are bad.

And for those who say weed is a drug, IT ISNT!! A drug is something manmade that is used to intoxicate the body, and that’s what alcohol is.

The only time weed can be a drug is when it’s laced with something, and then that’s when I’ll say okay I’m not smoking that