fake story- Ortiz

Aydi Ortiz

Is he on drugs or is he mentally ill? Do parents understand their children? A 17 year old boy was placed in a mental hospital on Tuesday after acting up in a rehab center.

Israel Mercado is a known drug addict that was in rehab earlier on in the year. Once out the three month rehab program he continued with his old habits.

His parents confirmed that he had not slepted or ate in days, he became moody and even started talking to himself.

His mother Ana Mercado said, “I didn’t know what to do with him, he would insult me, make weird noises and began talking to himself. I thought it was the drugs, I had no choice but to force him into rehab again. “

Israel was in the rehab center for only a day, his parents were told to pick him up and take him to a doctor.

While in the emergancy room Israel behavior did not improve.