ASCC Cabinet talks budget

Billy Turner

The ASCC Cabinet has high expectations for the semester on Jan. 26.

“Today starts the beginning of the Habits of Mind campaign,” ASCC President Michael Barrita stated. “Also, there will be a task force meeting held on Feb. 2.

“We will be going over the iFALCON to see what improvments can be made.

“Also about the water fountain renewals, the ones in the Athletic Department will be worked on first.”

Barrita continued, “There will be a fundraiser coming up next month for student scholarships. Tickets will be on sale soon.”

There’s a new member of the cabinet, Segio Vasquez, the new Commissioner of Public  Relations.

Two other students will join soon: Sana Khalid as Party Whip and Paolo Roca as Commissioner of Disabled Students.

Oscar Franco, Commissioner of Student Outreach, expressed a lot of concern for students.

“Resources versus classes being cut. I don’t have a computer at home so I use the ones in the computer lab but now, since it is closing earlier to save money, I am really affected.

Andy Duong, Commissioner of Information and Technology, and myself are working on a way to have a WiFi on school grounds. A lot of students are being affected so we must  find a way to balance classes and resources.”

Chief Richard Bukowiecki spoke on a parking permit fee increase.

“The cost has not changed in 10 years. We’re running out of money to keep up with maintenence of the parking lots. There will be more information at the senate meeting on Wednesday.”

the  meeting  came  to  an  end  after  Michael  Barrita  closed  the  meeting  wishing  everyone   good  luck  this  semester.