New senators, cabinet appointed

Daisy Garcia

The ASCC Senate meeting on Jan. 21 dealt with approving rules and regulations such and the award banquet, Club Information Day.

Four cabinet members and nine senators were also voted in.

An announcement was made by one of the members about holding a group meeting to help students with free wireless on campus.

The meetings are said to be held 11 a.m. on Mondays at the Hill.
The second half of the senate meeting involved letting new members into the senate and new leaders for the committees.
Trina Burch, child development major, was voted as Commissioner of Vocational Outreach.
Jennifer Murillo, theatre arts major, was voted as Commissioner of Student Outreach.
David Vasquez, architecture major, was voted as Commissioner of Athletics.
“It’s my job to keep up with the with the sports activities on campus, to show the pros and cons, advertise and keep up with cabinet,” Vasquez said.
Sergio Vasquez, political science major, was voted in as a Commissioner of Public Relations.

“I want each club to get an e-mail of the senate and the president so they can be more interactive with the student government,” Vazquez said.

Nine students gathered up in front as members asked them various inquiries about being senate such as why they wanted to be in the senate and what would they bring to it.

“To be honest, it’s to help with parking,” James Lee, business major, responded.

The rest of the senate could not help but laugh.

“It would help with scholarships and it looks good on a resume,” he continued.

Dushyant Shah, engineering major, said, “Really, I like organizing events and getting involved with campus.”
Michael Barrita, ASCC president, was impressed on how the students handled the questions and was proud to have all nine of them voted in.