Bukowiecki tells senate reasons for parking increase


Daisy Garcia/TM

Chief Richard Buckowiecki explains the reasons for the requested increase in the parking fee

Daisy Garcia

Richard Bukowiecki, the chief of campus police, informed the ASCC Senate about the possible increase of parking permits at the senate meeting on Wednesday.

“I understand no one wants to increase the price, but we need a way to keep the Police Department,” Buckowiecki said.

The chief explained that the department does not just give tickets to students without a parking permit; it is here to protect and provide the best service for students.

However, with prices going up and police officers only getting minimum wage, it is going to be much more difficult to maintain.

Buckowiecki further clarified that he wanted the student senate approval since he knew it would affect its members as well.

ASCC President Michael Barrita said, “I’m for it, like every certain amount of years; we have to look at our conditions. I would rather pay extra $10 to have the road refurnished than have my tires pop.”

The parking permits would be raised from $20 to $30 during the Fall and Spring semesters and $10 to $20 during the summer session.

Daily permits would go from $1 to $2.

Even if the price of student parking permits were to go up, they would still be lower compared to other schools.

The average cost of parking permits in other Community colleges is $37.94.

Community colleges such as Pasadena and Glendale charge more than $60 for their parking permits.

Overall, the increase in price would be to ensure that Cerritos College would maintain a sufficient police force.