Reichwein named Employee of the Month

Billy Turner

“(Cerritos is a) good place to work and be,” stated Vangie Reichwein, typist clerk in the science, engineering and math division.

Reichwein was awarded Employee of the Month for the month of December.

Reichwein has been working at Cerritos College since May, 2006 and says she loves every minute of it.

“I especially love it when students come back and tell me how they graduated and how they’re so sucessful now,” she said.

Reichwein is a part of a team. She works with Nora Laredo, division secretary, and Leanna Collings, division clerk.

Both have been Employee of the Month before.

“They’re like my two angels,” Reichwein said.

“We’re here for the students. This office is the last stop for students who need help and don’t understand,” Reichwein said. “We’re the best division on campus.”

“We have a new dean, Dr. Carolyn Chambers. She has made our job very easy and has taught us a lot,” she said.

“My father always urged me to work for the college,” Reichwein said. “I’m pretty much an all Cerritos (woman)l. My daughter has graduated from here with Teacher TRAC and my son does online courses. I just like Cerritos.”

“Besides school, I like sports, especially baseball. Ken Griffey Jr. is my all time favorite and I am a big Manny Ramirez fan. Then there’s basketball, not my favorite but I love Shaq,” she added.

“Everyone at Cerritos is very helpful. That’s why there are so many successful students and there will be many more. I haven’t met an instructor who has not been great.”

“Students need help from home but also needs outside help and that’s me and this division,” she said.

Reichwein plans to continue to help and work for the school until there’s no one else to help.