DSPS attends job expo

Billy Turner

Career Specialist for DSPS, Aurora Segura and five DSPS Cerritos College students attended the Los Angeles Career Expo For people with disabilities on Feb. 12.

DSPS students Jesus Lozoya, Bernadette Rodriguez, Gabriela Colindres, Vanessa Staple, and Ana Lie Cardoza all attended the convention which was held at the L.A. Convention Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“The students met with several employers but not many employers were hiring,” said Segura.

They received information about jobs and learned how to apply for postions.The expo was good for students because it enabled them to learn networking, said Segura.

Not only did the expo allow students to learn certain skills, but it also allowed them to meet other people with disabilities. 

“I loved the expo, especially because it was for people with disabilities. There are not too many things like this for students with disabilities, but when there available, (DSPS) likes to attend.” she added.

Culinary arts major Vanessa Staple thought the expo was rather interesting.

“No opportunities really interested me, but I still found it to be very interesting,” she said.

Engeneering major Jesus Lozoya enjoyed the expo as well.

“I liked the expo. I just went around, showed a few people my resume and recieved a lot of information from other jobs,” he said.

“Sears was one place I spoke with someone and recieved a lot of information,” he added “All the people were nice and the experience was very enjoyable.”