Pasadena holds rally against fee increases

Daisy Garcia

“We know we are key. People are unemployed, need jobs, they can get that in a community college. For every dollar that is given to a community college, four is given back to the public,” stated Dr. Paulette Perfumo, president of Pasadena City College. 

On Feb. 28, Pasadena City College hosted a rally against the budget cuts and fee increases for colleges around the state.

Students and faculty from Rio Hondo, West L.A., Glendale, Santiago Canyon, Mt. SAC, Cypress, Fullerton, College of the Dessert, Orange Coast and Santa Ana were there.

However, there was no sight of Cerritos College students present.

Thankfully, according to Perfumo by the end of the rally, the funding past and schools won’t have to increase prices.

Nevertheless, due to the budget cuts, many other community colleges than Cerritos College were affected.

“There is a tremendous amount of cutbacks. Our libraries aren’t open as late anymore and it’s hard on students who take classes at night,” said Monique Smith, West L.A. College student.

According to Tina Lamb, student body president at Santiago Canyon College, the student government at her school are doing the best it can to raise money.

“My school is doing a marathon and other fundraisers to gain money to save some classes,” Lamb shared.

“There is no good in raising prices. People need opportunity,” said Eric Sinanyan, student senate member at Glendale College.

As Cynthia Bamboise went up to the podium, a head nurse, explained to the students at the rally that 97 percent of the nurses she hires to work for her come from community college.

Perfumo, to help lighten the mood, introduced Dat Phan, the winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and touring comedian, to the podium.

At the end of the rally, Dat Phan performed a 30-minute comedy routine for the students to enjoy.

“I would not have won ‘Last Comic Standing’ if it weren’t for community college. I was terrified of public speaking. I failed algebra. But now, I use algebraic equations in my comedy act,” Dat Phan shared.