Fountains, iFALCON discussed by cabinet

Daisy Garcia

The ASCC Cabinet had concerns about iFALCON and how to  fix the water fountains at the school during its meeting on March 9.

According to ASCC President Michael Barrita, the cabinet hopes to find different ways to raise money for an IFALCON Scholarship for students.

“We plan to do a car wash in Whittier and other things to raise money,” Barrita said.
Barrita also explained that he planned that some of the cabinet members can go to certain classes to share their success and how that applies to iFALCON.
“We figure if the cabinet members went to visit, that it would connect more with the students. ” Barrita shared.
Afterward, David Vasquez, commissioner of athletics, shared his views about getting the water fountains in school cleaned or replaced.
“Some of them are disgusting; I actually found blood in one. Students should have access to clean water,” Vasquez said.
Vasquez gave details about how cleaning or replacing the fountains would cost little money for the school.
“The only difference is the custodians would be more focused about cleaning the fountains,” Vasquez clarified. “We won’t need to spend any money unless we had to replace the fountain itself. Besides, it’s free water. You won’t have to spend a dollar fifty in the future.”