Watchmen-Dj Garcia

Daisy Garcia

Watchmen was an thrilling feature to see.
There was plenty of action and awesome characters such as Dr. Manhattan, The Comedian , Silk Spectre, Night Owl,  and Rorschach.
Although the film was only two hours and forty minutes long, it did not feel like it was too long of a movie.
I appreciated that the director, Zack Snyder, did his best to stay true the comic by setting the film in 1985 instead of a more modern era.
The film is nicely narrated by Rorschach’s raspy voice, Jackie Earle Haley.
The movie shows the audience what is superheroes existed and aided Americans in the Vietnam War.
Obviously, America would have won.
Vietnam soon becomes the 51st state.
However, superheroes such as the comedian and Dr. Manhattan do not turn out the same after the war.
Dr. Manhattan slowly loses touch with humanity and the Comedian could care less how he handles society.
Also, Rorschach is tired of the justice system going soft on criminals that he takes matters into his own hands.
The film gives a realistic portrayal on society if superheroes were to exist.
They would be afraid or use them as mere weapons.
Not to mention, the superheroes themselves would be as messed up in society like any other person, if not worse.
If person is not a fan of the comic books or superheroes, they would still hold some appreciation towards the complexity of the film. Nevertheless, it still might be a bit too long.
But, just because this is a film from a graphic novel, it doesn’t mean that children should come in see this.
In fact, the audience will get an entirely different view on Leonard Cohen’s classic Hallelujah.
The film was memorable to watch and it did its best to stay to true to the graphic novel.