Cabinet looks at title-five grant

Billy Turner

At the ASCC Cabinet meeting, the topics of discussion were the renewal of water fountains, iFALCON three-year marketing campaign and computer lab hours.

Michael Barrita, ASCC president, stated, “The title-five grant comes around once every five years, and I’m just proud the school recognizes iFALCON. It’s a big accomplishment.”

“The grant will bring about so many more resources to faculty and everyone. We’re in the process of writing the grant and hopefully it’s picked up. I’m not sure of how much money we would receive if grant is picked up,” Barrita added.  

Barrita also adds, “iFALCON is something students should be proud of. It was made by students. I would also like to commend teachers for pushing the program as well. I encourage faculty to keep sending the message out.”

Also during the meeting, Barrita spoke of a three-year marketing campaign that is being pushed by Mark Wallace.

“This program is for our generation,” Barrita added.

There are also the 10 posters that will be put up in classrooms, offices and all around the school campus promoting the iFALCON Habits of Mind Program.

“We become who we envison is the purpose of the posters and each poster represents a different major,” Barrita stated.

The majors include electrical engeneering, pre-med, bio-chemical engeneering, biology, information technology, pre-law, music, English, communication and nursing.

“This is the first generation of the iFALCON program. There will be new posters each generation,” Barrita stated.

The meeting went on and other reports were made.

Water fountain reports are finished.

The magnetic strip on back of IDs program is moving forward.

It isn’t confirmed yet, but the hours in the library will stay the same, according to ASCC commissioners.

Wifi in the library was also spoken upon at the meeting.

Steve Kim, assitant commisoner of information technology, stated, “I spoke to the director of I.T. and wanted to find out the problems with the wifi program. I.T. is working for the wifi but can’t really do anything because of the budget, and most of the money is going to campus reconstruction.”