Second summer session not cancelled

Alnis Zia

The second summer session will not be cancelled.

There was speculation that the Budget and Planning Committee was considering second summer session would be cancelled due to financial issues.

Many students have expressed their concern about this issue.

“I am not sure of the number of classes being cut, but it is going to affect me if I decide to enroll in the summer session,” Sel Mojica, communications major, said.

But Cerritos College has decided to move the majority of the classes from the first summer session to the second summer session, which runs from July 6 to Aug. 14.

M.L. Bettino, dean of Academic Affairs, said, “The number of classes offered in the first summer session have been cut, but they have been moved to the second summer session. The total number of classes offered will remain the same.”

“It is very costly to run a summer session, especially in the current economic issues. Most of the other colleges have completely cancelled the summer session,” he added.

He explained that it helps to move the classes to the second session because the college will have a new budget year and it will be able to pay the faculty.