Students look for work at job fair

Daisy Garcia

Students gathered around at Falcon Square for the job fair last on March 26.

People representing the police academy, Project Apple, Los Angeles Airport Police, Chick-fil-A, National Guard, and AVON were present to help students look for work.
Other than the job recruiters, there were recruiters from four-year universities and from the Cal States as well.
“Times are hard, you know? I think it’s really good the school is helping kids find a job,” shared Michelle Moyeno, cosmetology major.
Students could speak to the representatives and fill out an application if they had any.
Plus, if the students filled out a survey, they can receive a free drink.
“This is very educational and it benefits everyone. Students find a way to job and it brings the employers to the employees,” Karla Leva, business administration major, said.
However, there were some students who were disappointed by the event.
“It’s been bigger. There were more booths last year. It looks like the school has gotten lazier,” commented Amanda Scales, English major.
“It seems very limited in what the event had to offer. Most of the jobs here require some sort of schooling or it’s the military. The only practical jobs here are Chick-fil-A,” Brittany Thomas, theater major, said.