Senate gets ‘Mindset’

Daisy Garcia

“If your mindset is not strong, you’re not going to make it,” announced Sam Chauhan, a mindset coach at last Wednesday’s ASCC Senate meeting.

Chauhan explained he was going to give away 100 or so Mindset Summit meeting tickets to Cerritos College students.

The Mindset Summit meeting will be at the Cerritos Center for Performing Arts on May 20.

After all the tickets are given away, if students still want to go, they will have pay around $50 to $60 depending on when the tickets are purchased on Mindset Summit’s Web site.

“There are many different roads to success, you got to believe in your passion,” Chauhan said.

Chauhan further shared that there will be a variety of guest speakers attending the summit.

From Dr. Robert Young, the biologist who discovered the biological transformation of red blood cells into bacteria and bacteria to red blood cells, to Gurbaksh Chahal, the founder of BlueLithium, an Internet advertising Web site, will be there.

“It’s not going to be boring. It’s a structured like a rock concert,” Chauhan says.

“I think it’s very educational. It’ll inspire us to do better. People are second-guessing what they want to do. These people are here to inspire us to reach that goal,” shared Francesca Gacaltos, communications major.

Also, in the senate meeting, Cerritos will have an on-site triathlon to raise money for school on June 29 at 7 a.m.

“It is $20 for Cerritos College students to register at and you have to bring your own bike,” clarified Natalie Chavez, accounting major.

“The course is not that large. Anyone can do it. This triathlon is for people who are not used to working out,” said Marco Tolento, accounting major.