ASCC welcomes students with In-N-Out

Jesus Ruiz

Bag of chips: $1.

Cup of soda: 50 cents.

In-N-Out Burger: around $3.

That totals to about $5.

That is unless you waited in line at the Falcon Square on Welcome Back Night to get your hands on all three without paying a cent, all funded by ASCC.

How is it possible?

Holly Bogdanovich, director of the Student Activities, explained that this event is a way of giving back to the students.

The ASCC funds many programs, services and activities held on and off campus.

These services include providing on campus career services as well as providing money for financial aid.

Taking a walk to the Student Activities Center, students can obtain discounts on movie tickets as well as theme park tickets, such as Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City.

These services become available the day a student receives his or her ID.

On it is a sticker that shows circled numbers and a semester.

Each circled number represents a chance to obtain something the school has to offer back to its students.