Financial aid advances with Falcon Card

Frances Perkins

This Fall 2009 semester, Cerritos College has began using the Cerritos Falcon Card by Higher One, a financial services company, to give students an easier and convenient way to receive their financial aid throughout the semester.

The Cerritos Falcon Cards started being disbursed the second week of August, following the disbursement of the financial aid award letters.

It is very important that students do not throw this card away as long as they are Cerritos College students, because all of the financial aid will automatically be wired into the Cerritos Falcon Card every semester.

The Falcon Card affects all students that are eligible for financial aid.

The Falcon Card offers convenience and peace of mind to Cerritos College students because they no longer need to worry about Financial Aid checks getting lost in the mail.

For many students at Cerritos College, it is a sigh of relief because they no longer need to worry about paying fees to get their checks cashed if they do not have a bank account.

Kimberly Westby, Interim Dean of Student Support Services, said, “It is very important that students update their mailing addresses on their MyCerritos account.”

By keeping mailing addresses updated, students avoid the hassle of having their Cerritos College Falcon Card being mailed out to the wrong address.

Jamie Quiroz, financial aid specialist, encourages students to visit the schools Web site and read the newsletter regarding the Cerritos College Falcon Card for instructions on how to activate the card on

Many may ask the question,” Why change from traditional check disbursements to automatic deposits into a Cerritos Falcon Card?”

According to Yvette Tafoya, financial aid specialist, “(It is) to Educate students how to spend their money wisely”.

Students no longer need to stress about waiting weeks to receive a check in the mail, they can now access their cash balances through online banking 24 hours a day.

The Financial Aid Office has students in mind when it comes to the Falcon Card. It is offering safety and convenience, something that all college students need in this time and age.