Cerritos College kicks off in event

Frances Perkins

The faculty and staff of Cerritos College look forward to kick off the new school year, even though budget cuts have hurt not only the school but also students and staff.

The faculty and staff is working extra hard this semester to help students in these tough economic times.

According to Rosemarie Medina of the Music Department, “We need to take action to make sure our community can have the best education.”

This shows the dedication that is being put forth to help students succeed.

“It is time that we start educating, organizing, and taking action,” Medina said.

By educating, organizing, and taking action the students and staff of Cerritos College will find it a little easier to get through this semester.

Another method being used to help bring students and faculty closer is re-introducing the iFALCON program at the Opening Convocation.

Staff and students are encouraged to visit the site on www.cerritos.edu/ifalcon.

The site offers, “Resources on information on habits of mind to be successful,” said Lynn Serwin, iFALCON co-coordinator.

Medina encourages students,”Not to let go but to remember to register for classes as soon as the date comes because spring is going to be more difficult.”

The school would like to offer more classes but the power is not in its hands.

As long as students help staff and faculty by registering and paying their fees on time, they will avoid any delays or unexpected surprises from admissions.

Many faculty members, as well as students, are feeling the pressure more than ever this semester due to the changes taking affect.