Students can learn about clubs

Bobby Chichester

Club Information Day is being held once again on campus in Falcon Square, on Sep. 2 and 3.

Club information is primarily held near the start of the Spring and Fall semesters.

Dean Ackland, coordinator of Student Activities, said, “Students who are involved in clubs usually perform better academically and they have something to look foward to.”

Students can enter one of the 60 different clubs by signing their names and their student ID numbers onto a sign up sheet.

Brian Kochems, commissioner of ICC, said, “Students who are involved with clubs can learn from their club members who have been at Cerritos College longer and they can become involved with their campus.”

There are many different clubs, and many departments have their own clubs, such as the Math Club or the Cosmetology Club.

Students who are enrolled and are active in clubs and student government are likely to have an easier time being accepted into a four-year university.

“Admissions at four-year universities are looking for students who are willing to give their time freely to a club or some other organization. It gives them a sort of notch up above other students.” Ackland said.

Some clubs give away free items to students in the hopes of recruiting new members.

“Instructors and faculty members aid in the process of helping students succeed by becoming club advisers,” Kochems said.

The purpose of Club Information Day is for students to be able to view the clubs and what they are all about, and it allows for the students to meet others with common interests.

“Clubs benefit the students by raising awareness on campus and to events around them.  Students can benefit in many ways from being involved in clubs on campus,” Kochems said.

There are many different clubs on campus, and there are many different types of clubs, ranging from cirricular to special interest.

Some of the prominent clubs are the International Student Club, Campus Crusade for Christ and the Phi Theta Kappa Club.

Club Information Day allows students the opportunity to connect with other students who share similar interests.